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Products development from the perspective of building owners



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We listened to the building owners and they want  energy-saving wireless devices




We have a patented wireles/battery operated device which can improved temperature comfort, IAO, reduce maintenance costs and provide energy savings for commercial facilities.  50 million applications in our nation with the ability to save $25 billion a year.  We project 1 million units sold per year after 4 years.  Average ROI 1 year. 

Imagine having a thermostat in your home that you cannot turn off.  That's exactly what 50 million pneumatic thermostats in commercial buildings have, thermostats that cannot be turned off. 

Our device can be installed in 1/2 hour by a apprentice and will sell to the building owner for $400/$500 each.  The old wired technology costs $2000-$2500 per pneumatic thermostat.

Our device provides all the energy savings as the wired technology that has been proven since the early 1980s.  Because the existing pneumatic thermostat never turns off during normal building operations (6am to 6pm) we are easily able to verify the energy savings every time our device shuts off the HVAC.

The ecWizard provides similar energy savings as your common programmable thermostat but with additional opportunities to save.  We can provide the owner cost justification and energy savings accountability. 

We will be producing several new unique wireless devices to accommodate the buildings of the future with comfort and energy savings. It all starts with the ecWizard providing the opportunities and cost justification.

There are so many applications where we waste energy by not turning off plugged loads, lights, HVAC and water.  Our wireless products will provide per minute costs on your cell phone etc.  Building occupants don't conserve because there is no accountability. Exposing the dollar amounts of energy waste to the owners who pay the bills will provide the solutions.

Billions can be saved each year if we just turn it off

Building Owners Support

  We would like to thank all the building Owners that encouraged us to produce the ecWizard and help reduce energy in our nation and around the world.

                                                Game Changer for Industry

The redevelopment (See History of ecWizard) of the ecWizard is backed by ECSO investment firm and will utilize the state-of-the-art wireless technologies and cloud based to mobile analytical software.

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