The most exciting and unique DDC control to be introduced in the last 30 years

We listened to the building owners and they can't afford the old wired technology to replace pneumatics. $2,000/$2500 per thermostat.

​Building management and owners want $400/$500 per thermostat. Avg. 1.5 ROI. Same energy savings as the old wired technology.

                                  Purchasing Opportunities

  • Complete Purchase of the ecWizard system.

Facility receives all utility rebates.
Money back guarantee for any reason after one year.

  • Leasing Agreement 3 or 5 years

Minimum deposit (first and last months lease payment)
We receive 100% of utility rebates
Facility becomes owner of the system after 3 or 5 years
Money back guarantee for any reason after 3 months
Facility receives 100% of the positive cash flow from the energy savings.

  •  Shared Savings Agreement (ECSO)

No upfront cost to the facility.  No monthly payments.
10 to 15 year agreement.
We pay your existing utility costs and share the energy savings.
We receive 100% of utility rebates.