George Fincher

A visionary is someone who sees a target that no one else can see. A visionary genius, hits the target.

·       Laney College (HVAC)
·       University of California San Luis Obispo (HVAC)
·       Controls/HVAC Engineer
·       Mechanical Contractor HVAC/Controls Owner
·       47 years of experience
·       Controls (Dealer) integrator of several control manufactures since 1983
·       Numerous controls manufacture training classes and seminars
·       One patent and two patent pendings in the wireless controls industry.
·       15 years of three day controls and marketing training classes.

The above is fairly typical, but what makes Mr. Fincher one of the top engineers in the nation within his niche of expertise HVAC systems, controls and mechanical energy savings is his mentors and peers he worked with through the years. His progressive ideas about the future and controls advancements, was nurtured in the early 70s when his mentor Mr. Ginn (recognized as the most knowledgeable controls engineer in the industry.) patented and successfully manufactured millions of unique pneumatic thermostats and actuators that are still in use today. Mr. Ginn achieved several control patents. Together, they changed the history of how controls are distributed throughout the nation. (Download History of the VAV Systems at www.ecWizard.net about the Ginn brothers.)

The knowledge provided the confidence for Mr. Fincher to start his Controls/HVAC contracting business at a young age. Still very eager to learn he hired Carrier Corporations best engineer in California, Nick Dann. Nick was responsible for modifying Carrier equipment to accommodate the VAV system. The agreement was that he teach Nick controls and Nick would mentor Mr. Fincher in HVAC engineering. They learned a great deal from each other and were proud to have designed a clean room facility for DuPont that actually controlled within + or -1/10°F of a degree. An accomplishment that hasn’t been equaled? They specialized in large computer rooms, VAV systems, controls and critical environments.

Mr. Fincher is truly a visionary genius and one of the nation’s top engineers. A pioneer (1971) in designing controls for a new HVAC system called VAV (variable air volume) system. After the successful designs with his mentor he taught controls to mechanical contractors in northern and southern California. The VAV system became the standard for large facilities throughout the world. His first patent mainly relates to the VAV type systems.

Inventing a product is useless, unless, it’s cost justified, unique and it solves a problem. It’s also useless if you don’t have marketing skills for its success. Mr. Fincher was able to hire Mike Kennedy who taught marketing to executives throughout the nation. Being mentored from this successful gentleman has allowed Mr. Fincher to think out-of-the-box with his proposed marketing strategies and automated proposal generating website, which is unique to the industry. (Download Our New ecWebsite.PDF at www.ecWizard.net )

Mr. Fincher has additional articles and white papers at www.ecWizard.net