The most exciting and unique DDC controls to be introduced in the last 30 years
ecWizard-P100, ecWizard-E100 and ecDeskSensor

                                    Be part owner - see below

We our assembling a OEM/Alliance (12 Mech/Control Contractors) prior
to completing development at the request of our investors.

·       Excellent opportunity to purchase unique wireless
controls/sensor etc. at OEM pricing.

·       Develop additional controls that the alliance would
want to sell.

·       Exclusive pricing of a unique line of controls/sensors at
approximately the same pricing as the existing controls

·       The ecAlliance will vote on territories and minimum
sales quotas.

·       Long-term purchasing and licensing agreements.

To be ecAlliance member; email George (at)
Request to be on the list

       You must be on the list to be considered.


OEM ecAlliance
The ecAlliance is a body of appointed members who our self-governed.
The ecAlliance consist of 12 mechanical or control contractors located in major cities in north America.
No upfront costs for membership and training will not be required. 
Alliance membership will be selected prior to prototype development and design input will be encouraged.

To be part owner of this exciting adventure?

We are looking for a CEO and person or organization with HVAC/controls background to be part of the ownership team at the request of our investors.

 Our first investors were Tridium and Solidyne. See history of ecWizard for additional information. We have one investor and looking for more!

Amazon Alexa Fund is interested! They want us to assemble a team and they will definitely consider funding.

​The ecDeskSensor is the perfect companion for Alexa. Temperature, motion and light level. (Alexa what is my temperature? Alexa adjust my lights to level III, Alexa close my drapes, Alexa increased temperature 1°, Alexa reserve conference room three. etc. etc. etc.)

​The video doorbell, ( such a simple idea but worth billions!  In the future they’ll say the same thing about the voice activated desk sensor which will be on billions of desks throughout the world. It's cost justified, no labor to install. Plugs in at the desk.
OEM ecAlliance.PDF
​Business plan 4-10-19
ECC Bus Plan-Pitch 4-10-19