Wireless sensors and controls
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Verification of energy savings
No more estimates or guesswork. Owners want factual energy saving information.   
Accountability of energy savings or waste. Who is wasting energy in the facility?

Owners will know the dollar cost per time of each light fixture, plug loads, fan, pump, chiller, boilers etc.
  1. ecWizard-P100
    Please take the opportunity to download the PowerPoint presentation (Patented) History of the ecWizard was a up-and-down roller coaster ride full of excitement and disappointment. First investors: Tridium and Solidyne The old original brochure of the ecWizard. Marketing history of the original ecWizard 11,000 units were proposed and several building owners were very excited. Simple explanation of the ecWizard-P100 We look forward to our new state-of-the-art website. Future ecWebsite; will automate the sales process, reducing costs and increase the amount of proposals. NEW ecWizard-E100 Wireless control of standard AC units Patent pending Commercial/Residential ecWizard-E100 May be the winner? Answering questions presented by Sir Richard Branson and the Rocky Mountains Institute
  2.  Educational Articles

Educational  Articles


Educational Articles
    Educational Articles Educational Articles articles Educational Articles
    Problems with pneumatic systems. An article about problems and solutions ecWizard-P100 Big Data How do we get data out of old control systems? ecWizard-P100 & ecDeskSensorSystem The History of VAV Systems. Old pro was there when it all started. Minimum position with VAV systems Lawsuits? Air distribution and IAQ Basic pneumatic control. Don't be afraid. One page simple explanation. Empty desks are like a massive untapped natural resource. ecDeskSensorSystem What will offices be like in the future? ecDeskSensorSystem ecDeskSensorSystem/ecWizard-P100 Unique article about energy waste in commercial facilities. Latent energy waste for dummies. Building pressurization is a major energy loss in so many buildings. Common energy-saving sequences The latent energy wastes that nobody talks about.
  3.   Wireless Products
    Wireless Products
    ecMech Monitoring $ of your mechanical components ecMeter Zone costs of plug loads, lighting and HVAC & Office condominium metering. ecWindow Window sensor for sun load ecBuilding sensor Building pressurization NEW ecDeskSensor has temperature, motion and light level. The desk sensor orchestrates control and monitoring of HVAC, lights and plug loads. (No batteries) Patent pending. ecIAQ Desk sensor indoor air quality ecWater Sensor Wireless water meter ecGas Sensor Wireless gas meter
Problems with Pneumatics
ecMech Sensor System
History of ecWizard-P100
Big Data Article
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Marketing History
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Recipe for the ecWizard
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Basic pneumatic control
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Energy Waste for Dummies
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